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What is a sitemap?

What is a site map?

Sitemaps serve a couple of purposes.  They improve user experience and assist the major search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo and Yandex to properly index all pages of a website.

There are various types of sitemaps.  They are a list of website pages, all created differently to serve various purposes.

The three (3) types of sitemaps.  They are:

  1. Used by web designers during the planning and design stages.
  2. Visible pages of a site, commonly used for easy navigation.  The sitemap that we use for visitors are located at our Sitemap page.
  3. XML sitemaps which are structured listings intended search engine bots, making it easy for them to crawl a website.  CLICK to view our XML sitemap.

The purpose of XML sitemap files list the URLs of all pages so the search engine bots and easily find them, crawl them and index them so they will appear in search results.

The most common problem among web designers is failing to properly submit websites to search engines for proper indexing.  It is critical that website owners be sure that have a reliable XML sitemap for best SEO practices that is “properly” submitted and indexed by the major search engines.

Our sitemaps are generated using WordPress Jetpack.  We have four generated sitemaps.  We have three sitemaps generated for the search engines (Sitemap, Image Sitemap and News Sitemap) and one sitemap used for website visitors.  Links to all sitemaps are listed below under “Internal Links”.

External Links:

Internal Links: