Vermont Attorney General Warns Vermonters to Beware of Pastor Impostor Scam

Montpelier, VT (STL.News) – The Vermont Attorney General’s Consumer Assistance Program reports a new impostor scam is on the rise.  In this scam, the scammer poses as a pastor raising funds to help a needy child or sick person.  The scammer requests gift cards be sent to them. Some promise to provide reimbursement for the gift card.

The Consumer Assistance Program has received several complaints about the pastor scam from Vermonters who were targeted by email or text message.  CAP warns not to engage with these scammers.  Do not respond to their emails or texts and do not call them.

To protect themselves from scams like this one Vermonters are urged to be suspicious of unsolicited communications, demands for an urgent response, requests for personal information, and requests for untraceable forms of payment, such as gift cards or wired funds.  For more in-depth information on how to protect yourself from common scams, visit the Consumer Assistance Program’s blog “CAP Connection” here.

You can report solicitations to the Consumer Assistance Program by phone at 800-649-2424, or by e-mail at  You can also file a complaint online at

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