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U.S. Attorney Recognizes Law Enforcement Officers

U.S. Attorney Recognizes Law Enforcement Officers During Law Enforcement Appreciation Day

RALEIGH, N.C (STL.News) U.S. Attorney Robert J. Higdon, Jr. recognizes the service of federal, state, local, and tribal police officers on Law Enforcement Appreciation Day, which is being observed Saturday, January 9, 2021.  On this date, communities across the country will show their appreciation and support for law enforcement agencies and their personnel in various ways.

“I ask every citizen of the Eastern District to join me in recognizing the tremendous service and sacrifices that our law enforcement officers have made this past year and make every day,” said U.S. Attorney Robert J. Higdon, Jr. “Together, with our ongoing partnerships, commitment, and dedication, we will continue to work together to ensure that our citizens, here in the Eastern District of North Carolina, are safe and secure.”

As part of this national day of recognition, citizens across the country are encouraged to share their expressions of gratitude and support for local law enforcement agencies, officers, and public safety personnel within their respective communities.  Likewise, citizens and officers alike are encouraged to share their positive experiences and collaborations with each other.

The Eastern District of North Carolina serves the 44 easternmost counties of North Carolina.


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