Thinking Of Relocating? 4 Moving Tips For Retirees

(STL.News) – When the time to retire arrives, many people find that they are not properly prepared for what lies ahead.  Proper planning should cover a lot of factors, including where you want to end up once you take a well deserved break from the world of full time work.

Here are some handy tips to help retirees who are hoping to move to greener pastures, covering everything from location-hunting to the move itself.

Choose Your Location Carefully

Clearly the place you pick to spend your retirement not only needs to be practical in terms of access to friends, family and amenities; it also has to offer a good quality of life so that you can enjoy yourself as much as possible.

The best places to retire should offer great public services, suitable transport links, excellent support for retirees of all ages and whatever other assets you have on your wish list.  Whether you want warm weather, natural beauty, brilliant entertainment or cultural attractions, compare your options thoroughly before committing.

Do Not Rush Your House Sale

Relocation usually means putting your house on the market, but some mistakes are often made by people who want to sell up and shift their lives to another part of the country.

Being eager to get the process over with can lead to the biggest blunders, so instead it is better to take your time, keep your expectations at realistic levels and get reputable, experienced people on your side as soon as possible.

From pricing your home appropriately to preparing it for viewings, a real estate agent should be able to give you good advice to make selling your house as painless and swift as possible.

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Invest In Professional Movers

You might be tempted to save a little cash and take care of a lot of the actual moving process yourself.  Ultimately this will be a false economy because of the potential for mental stress and physical strain that this brings with it.

Instead it is always better to accept early on that you will need professional assistance, especially if you have a lot of possessions that you want to take with you.  Moving costs can range anywhere from a little over $1,000 to over $12,000 and modern operators are able to help not just with loading and unloading your property, but also with packing, which is where the biggest benefits can be enjoyed from a customer perspective.

Embrace Your New Community

Plenty of retirees spend so much time planning the move itself that they fail to take into account what they will get up to when they finally settle into their new homes.

Starting from scratch in another part of the country can be intimidating, so it is always better to dive into the local community headfirst rather than hanging back and risking the likelihood of becoming increasingly isolated.

Join local groups, get involved in clubs, keep up to date with the activities that are being organised in your new neighborhood and you will find your retirement all the more satisfying.