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Summer 2019 Record-Breaking Temperatures Rapidly Melting Alaska’s Glaciers

Alaska (STL.News) This is not breaking news as the video, provided courtesy of NBC News, is dated July 25, 2019 with more than 26,000 views, it still deserves somebody to pay attention to these global warning signs.  Every politician says they are focused on the environment, but nothing is being done.  Maybe they know that the damage is beyond our ability to save it.  Maybe they are doing things that have not been explained to us, but it is certainly sad and possibly even scary to see documentaries such as this.  The video is a few months old, but the problem still exists and has probably increased in severity.

I had the privilege to visit Alaska in 1991 and visit the glaciers.  Now to see this and compare the video to what I witnessed in 1991 is shocking.

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