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Slots – the online casino fan’s No. 1 choice

(STL.News) – In the two decades or so since the first online casinos started to appear on the scene they have advanced beyond all recognition.  Where the very first of these were undoubtedly primitive affairs, today’s online casino is, for many, just as exciting and involving as the real thing.  With an ever-increasing range of games to play, almost total accessibility plus innovations like the “live” casino featuring real dealers playing in real time it’s no wonder that they’re so popular.

So popular, in fact, that the Gambling Commission in the UK has found that remote gaming is now the biggest single sector responsible for over a third of all gaming revenue.

But, of all the games on offer to the online casino aficionado, there’s one particular kind that has by far the biggest following: the online slots game.

The journey that these games been on since a Californian electrical engineer called Charles Fey first invented the Liberty Bell machine late in in 19th century to today is impossible to overestimate.  But the same basic appeal of the slot remains the same even in its 21st century manifestation.

No skill required

The single most appealing aspect for many online players is that the online slot is simple to play.  There are no complicated rules to master unlike card and table games and a big win could happen on every single spin.  Admittedly, today’s multi-reel games can offer a very confusing array of ways to win but the game sorts all that out on the player’s behalf.  On many of the best games there’s even an auto-play feature so all you need to do is to set it running and, hopefully, watch the winnings mount up.

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Big money prizes

Regarding the winnings, while online casinos are not surprisingly reluctant to give out too many details, there are certainly significant amounts to be won, if not quite as big as Las Vegas jackpots.  This is especially the case for games with progressive jackpots, this basically means a number of individual slots are linked in a virtual network with one big prize waiting to be won.  It’s also a very appealing fact for many players that the payback percentage on online slots tends to be considerably higher than on physical machines – often up to 96% or more, compared with 80% in land-based casinos.  This is because the online casino has far lower overheads than the bricks and mortar version so can afford to give back more to its players.

Small money stakes

You can play for pennies if you want, this makes them the choice for people who don’t want to take things too seriously.  This factor draws in a far greater number of players compared to other online casino games like blackjack, roulette and baccarat, in which you tend to have to bet big if you want to win big. Plus, with an online slot, even the smallest stake can win a top prize if you strike it lucky.

Amazing games to suit every taste

At established sites like, there are a range of games to appeal to almost everyone.  Every single one has gone through the same kind of design and development process that video games do to ensure that it’s going to provide a great playing experience for its intended target audience.

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You can expect to find games that appeal to the fans of the classic slot, a whole host of games featuring lucky leprechauns and even games that tie in to TV and movie franchises.  The fact that these games are online also gives developers enormous freedom to include features like live action, exciting animations and even an exciting soundtrack to set players’ hearts beating in time with the action on screen.

Great extra features

Then there are the many bonus features that the modern online slots game can include, which not only add to the enjoyment but also offer many other opportunities to win.  These include the chance to win free spins, the use of “wilds” – symbols that can stand in for all others when they appear – and “scatters” which mix up all the reels into multiple winning combinations.  These all combine to create a genuinely exciting and random playing experience in which anything can happen.

Enticing bonuses

As you’d expect, there’s big competition among online gaming sites to attract and keep new players and they’re prepared to make a considerable investment in achieving this.  As a result, you can expect to find some very generous joining and loyalty bonuses to encourage this.  They usually take the form of a certain number of free spins which can then be repeated if the signs are there that you’re becoming a regular player.

It’s a great idea to take advantage of these offers because, while the play may be free, the prizes you can win will be very real indeed.

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Play almost anywhere, on any device

In common with other forms of online gaming, mobile play is now more popular than using a console or PC and this is also at the heart of why online slots are so popular. Many have been optimized for play on a tablet or smartphone so it’s easy to play them wherever and whenever you like – at home, on the bus or even in a break at work.  That’s not so say that they’re not also great on a PC too, but it just adds that extra element of flexibility and fun.

Hopefully we’ve given you some very good reasons why online slots are so very popular these days, and many are predicting that they’re going to become even more popular in the future.  For example, the arrival of virtual reality into the mainstream may well have a major effect as online slots become more involving than ever before.  So before long you might not just find yourself playing an online slot based on a goldmine. It could be that you’re down in that goldmine yourself!