• Mon. May 10th, 2021

Rhode Island Governor Signs Earth Day Proclamation

Rhode Island Governor Signs Earth Day Proclamation

Providence, RI (STL.NewsGovernor Dan McKee signed a proclamation proclaiming April 22, 2021 as Earth Day in Rhode Island.

State of Rhode Island


Earth Day

WHEREAS, each year, Earth Day serves as a reminder of the value of our state’s precious natural resources and helps mark the progress made by Rhode Island in protecting them; and

WHEREAS, since the first Earth Day was enacted in 1970 efforts to improve air and water quality, clean up contaminated lands, conserve open space, increase recreational opportunities, and take action to confront climate change have greatly enhanced Rhode Islanders’ quality of life; and

WHEREAS, Earth Day now has become a worldwide event that serves as a yearly catalyst for ongoing environmental education, action, and change; and

WHEREAS, the Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management serves as the chief steward of the state’s natural resources, and works year-round to ensure Rhode Island’s water, air, and land are protected; and

WHEREAS, continuous efforts to protect, restore, and promote our environment help ensure Rhode Island remains a wonderful place to live, visit; and

WHEREAS, Rhode Island’s agencies encourage every resident of the state to get outdoors and practice environmental stewardship via green activities, such as community cleanups, water, and energy conservation, tree planting, and active education about environmental issues; and

WHEREAS, they join all Americans in the desire to see a peaceful and diverse society, where every individual is treated equally and feels safe; and

WHEREAS, special Earth Day events are offered throughout the state to encourage residents to identify what they can personally do to protect the environment and make Rhode Island a cleaner and greener state.

NOW, THEREFORE, I, Daniel J. McKee, Governor of the State of Rhode Island, do hereby proclaim April 22, 2021 as: EARTH DAY in the state and encourage all residents to join me in recognizing the importance of this month.

Maryam Shah

Maryam Shah

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