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Restaurant Industry is Facing Multiple Challenges and Expense with Online Ordering

During this pandemic restaurants are faced with declining volume, customer capacity restrictions, and increased expense with online ordering system platforms taking excessive fees

(STL.News) No industry has been more affected by the coronavirus than the restaurant industry.  What has impacted restaurants even more in this pandemic is the food delivery companies.  The delivery companies have increased their marketing efforts to help the restaurants allegedly but taking as much as 33% of the gross sales.

Anyone who knows anything about the restaurant industry realizes that most restaurants do not have a 33% profit margin to give away for what appears to be nothing more than a referral fee.

Now, if the food delivery and online ordering companies can’t cut a deal with the restaurants, they buy the food directly and mark it up to their customers to assure the service of their customers.

Restaurants would save a significant amount of money if they established their online ordering system.  Customers would save to call or buy from restaurants that offer their online ordering systems rather than paying as much as 33% more for the convenience.

The institutions hurt the most are the restaurantsRestaurants have faced a dramatic increase in operating expenses over previous years and are now faced with a slowdown in sales due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Candicci’s Restaurant and Bar has owned its online ordering system since 2015.  They have been faced with online ordering and delivery companies buying Google AdWords using their name to intervene and redirect their traffic to their platforms, which many restaurateurs view as underhanded or deceitful.

Understandably, most businesses are suffering now due to the pandemic, but restaurants have been hurt more than most.  Most restaurants encourage customers to call or order using their systems to save money.  Considering the restaurants bear the most considerable expense to stay in business, most are calculating the numbers and vacating the online ordering and delivery platforms to survive.

Another problem identified by Candicci’s Restaurant is that most online ordering platforms do not keep their prices and menu items up-to-date, creating confusion, and dissatisfied customers.

Candice is most satisfied using his online system that is a flat-fee and more reliable because he controls the cost and menu items. He encourages his customers, especially during the pandemic, to order using the Candicci’s Online Ordering system to help save money and increase customer satisfaction.

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