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Reno Police: 4 Arrest in Battery & robbery At 5th Virginia St

Reno Police: 4 Arrest in Battery & robbery At 5th Virginia St

Reno, NV (STL.News) Officers responded to the listed location on the report of a victim of a battery.  Upon arrival the victim was located still on the ground with serious injuries.  It was learned the victim had been battered and robbed by four unknown males who had stomped on his head while on the ground until he was unconscious.  The attack was unprovoked and the suspects are unknown to the victim.  While unconscious the suspects removed property from the victim’s pockets.  An RPD Officer was able to track the suspects to a vehicle on the 7th floor of a nearby casino parking garage.  While walking to the casino registration desk the Officer spotted all four suspects who were taken into custody.


Manuel Ortiz 04/20/2001

Joseph Cuaron 05/27/2000

Gonzalo Sanchez 11/13/1999

17 y/o male

Charges: Robbery, Conspiracy to commit robbery, battery with the intent to commit robbery, battery with substantial bodily harm.


Marty Smith

Marty Smith

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