Rendever Launches EnvisionHome™ Platform Focused on Advancing Sales and Marketing Efficacy for Operators


BOSTON/ JUNE 27, 2019 (STL.News)

Today, Rendever launched a new virtual reality platform to help senior living operators bring innovation into the forefront of their sales and marketing efforts. The EnvisionHome™ platform allows interior designers and senior living developers to upload 3D renderings and 360° photographs of their projects so that sales and marketing directors can seamlessly run virtual tours with prospective families.

Operators will receive a touchscreen tablet and set of VR headsets, networked together so that sales directors can control the tour from the tablet. This way, the director is able to see exactly where prospects are looking in real-time, allowing them to tailor their sales pitch towards the features of the building that the prospect finds most interesting.

Sales and leasing centers can now be outfitted with the EnvisionHome™ platform, with Rendever’s long-standing focus on ease-of-use, any sales or marketing professional can start touring prospects through the community even before construction begins. The goal is to expedite the sales process so that operators can get a head start on meeting prospects, and ultimately nurture a vibrant community.

Once the sales and leasing center closes down and the community officially opens, there are two options for customers. Rendever will offer a free conversion service so operators can switch the headsets over to the Rendever resident engagement platform. Residents can immediately start using VR to explore the world, check off bucket list items, connect with their family members, and more. Alternatively, operators can opt to keep a pair of headsets on the EnvisionHome™ platform and continue taking prospects through tours of their communities.

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With the increasing trend around the preference to age-in-place, Kyle Rand, CEO of Rendever, says there is a critical need to break down barriers between family caregivers and senior living operators. “The EnvisionHome™ platform aims to combat negative stereotypes that consumers still have about senior living communities. Many senior living operators are taking hospitality to the next level, and with this platform, we have the ability to showcase these amazing communities and help eliminate this outdated stigma.”

Rendever has recently partnered with Faulkner Design Group to explore unique ways of building innovation and VR directly into the design of the building. Michelle Duncum, COO and CMO of Faulkner Design Group, an award winning national interior architecture and design firm, sees this as a natural evolution of the advancements in the design and development process. “For twenty years, we’ve led our industry by bringing cutting-edge technology into both the interior design process and the life of a community, and we’ve seen incredible financial results for our clients. Our partnership with Rendever and their new platform is exciting for so many reasons. This is truly revolutionizing for all users, especially senior residents.”

The EnvisionHome™ platform is being demonstrated at the Senior Living Innovation Forum, where attendees will be able to tour a selection of FDG’s newest projects. For more information about the EnvisionHome™ platform, please email hello(at)

About Rendever:
Rendever, Inc. was founded in 2016 with the mission of improving the resident experience through immersive technology. It’s flagship virtual reality platform was designed specifically for residents of senior living communities, and has won numerous awards for innovation and impact. This engagement platform allows residents of senior living communities to explore the world, check off bucket list items, and revisit meaningful locations from their past, all in a social way that focuses on building bonds between members of the community. Their technical suite involves over 23 individual applications and services that allow staff to use VR seamlessly across a variety of different avenues, and includes several products specifically designed to increase family engagement and personalize the VR experience for each resident.

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About Faulkner Design Group:
Faulkner Design Group, Inc., is a fully integrated national interior architecture and design firm specializing in multifamily housing and senior living environments, completing over 750,000 units in more than 2,000 communities across 37 states, from Hawaii to New York, and even Canada, working with the largest developers, contractors, real estate investment groups, and management firms in the country for over 27 years. These communities are surpassing the industry standard for creativity and quality, earning a reputation as the most highly sought after properties on the market. FDG offers comprehensive design services during the architectural development and construction planning phases of projects, leading the industry with cutting-edge virtual tools and technology, approaching each design solution as a fingerprint in which no two are alike.