RE/MAX Realtor Gordon J. Stover Helping Seniors Transition to Senior Living Communities


DENVER/ APRIL 08, 2019 (STL.News)

Typically, seniors transition to senior living communities no more than 5 miles from their previous home. “A lot of seniors see these assisted living communities and it’s frightening, especially when they have lived in their own home for 30-plus years,” said Stover, a Senior Real Estate Specialist. “They discover the cost to reside at one of these communities can range from $2,500 to $7,000+ a month and do not realize that the equity they’ve acquired from their home will pay those costs.”

To help seniors transition, Stover, who has a team of caring experts and services specifically to transition seniors into new living accommodations, shares the following five tips for their loved ones:

No. 1: Plan the transition process as well in advance as possible. “Contacting a real estate broker that is a qualified and experienced Senior Real Estate Specialist to assess value, market conditions and transition timeline for the senior’s existing home is paramount. In so doing, financial and logistical issues may be managed expeditiously, alleviating many cumbersome obstacles. In most instances completing the move into the new senior community prior to selling the existing home greatly reduces anxiety and stress,” advised Stover.

No. 2: Visit the community before moving. “Always be sure to go with your edlerly parent(s) to the community, which will enable them to get familiar with their potential surroundings. If that is not possible, include a close friend in the visitation. Visitation of senior communities that are close to the existing home makes it easier to maintain friends, religious affiliations, healthcare providers and community familiarity,” stressed Stover.

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No. 3: Make an informed decision. After visiting a few communities, obtain essential information about the preferred community and its staff. “Talk with the residents there and their adult children to ensure that there is a proper fit with the opportunity to make new friends and participate in the activities offered. Arrange to enjoy a meal or two to get the feel of your new neighbors and whether the food service is to your liking,” added Stover.

No. 4: Sort through belongings. “Help your loved one choose what they will keep and what can be distributed to family and friends, sold or donated,” advised Stover. “It’s important to keep cherished mementos to help make this transition easier.” Stover’s team is integral to this process, making it as stress free as possible.

No. 5: Make it like home. To make the move easier, make the new facility as much like home as possible. “Ensure your parent is involved in downsizing, and allow them to reminisce while packing,” advised Stover. “Helping them re-create their old bedroom and surroundings in the new residence, including pictures, lamps, furniture, etc., is essential in the transition.” Stover has a team of experts that aid in this process from the planning and packing of beloved possessions to carefully moving them, including hanging art in the senior’s new community residence to complete the transition.

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