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Questions – Answers

This page is designed in attempt to answer the most frequent questions presented to us.  Here we go!

Questions - Answers - STL.News
Questions – Answers – STL.News

Question – Who is AP or the Associated Press?

Answer – The Associated Press is a worldwide news agency that we purchase licensed news content from.  News articles published on STL.News is appropriately credited to the AP.  While AP is the majority of our content we do published content provided by other sources.

Question – Is STL.News just a news blog?

Answer – No.  STL.News content is made up of licensed content and some provided by our team of professional journalists.  Additionally, our news related content is shown on Google News, Google Newsstand, Bing News, Apple News, News360 and share to more than 50 social sites.  Additionally, managing members are members of the United States Press Agency.  Please note that no third party organization or federal/state agency endorses, monitors or regulates STL.News.  We comply with rules established on the Federal Trade Commission, rules established for members of the United States Press Agency in additional to any and all federal and/or state statues that protect consumers best interest.

Question – Where do our pictures come from?

Answer – Our pictures are provided by either the Associated Press, customers purchasing press releases, our own library of photographs or purchase from BigStockPhoto.  We do not use unlicensed photographs from the web.  If you see a picture that is not appropriately licensed to STL.News, please notify us immediately so that we can resolve the issue.  We cannot guarantee that consumers purchasing press releases are properly using photographs.  In that event we will remove the photo immediately and offer our most sincere apology and hold the appropriate party responsible.

Question – We we offer retractions?

Answer – Yes.  If we have published incorrect information we will provide a retraction or correction as required.

Question – Are press releases paid for?

Answer – Yes.  We charge for businesses to submit press releases as outlined on our Submit Press Release page.

Question – Is STL.News a safe website?

Answer – Yes.  Our site is safe and pages are offered using SSL encryption technology, which is recommend by the major search engines like Google, Bing, and Yandex.

Question – Is STL.News website protected from hackers?

Answer – Yes.  Our intentions are to protect ourselves as well as our customers from hackers that attempt to hack our site for malicious purposes.  Our website is hosted on our own high-speed dedicated server located in our facility.  We use the best firewall available, utilize a trusted SSL Certificate and perform routine security checks to assure that our server, our website, visitors and our company is protected.

We will keep this page updated on a regular basis.  However, if there is information that you are having difficulty finding please refer to the following pages – SitemapTerms & ConditionsPrivacy Policy – Contact Page