Predictions About Stocks 2019 Revealed

Last year wasn’t exactly a good one when it came to stocks.  Many major ones have plummeted and caused some serious upset and quite a few broken hearts.  Yet, many financial experts are expecting that, in 2019, things are set to change quite a bit.  The predictions so far are estimating that several stocks are set to soar to massive heights this year, going well beyond their typical growth rate.  While that might seem too good to be true, if it were true, it’s a chance you don’t want to miss out on.  At the end of the day, you can read about predictions for stocks in 2019 and make your choice not to buy any, but either way you should learn about them.


These are predictions for certain stocks in 2019 and how they are expected to unfold throughout the year.


Cloudera is a US-based big data software company that is expected to witness some really impressive changes for this year.  Experts predict Cloudera has an upside of 50% for this year, with estimates that their stock price could rise from the current $13 to a little over $19!  The stock faced some difficulties last year, but is showing some great promise for this one.  So, you might want to keep this one in your crosshairs.


Throughout the better part of last year, Alibaba stocks have fared less than nicely with drops over 12%.  Yet, forecasts predict that 2019 is the year when Alibaba stocks are to soar to new highs. Some experts estimate that the Alibaba stock price could rise to $260 per share over the next few months!  This means the expected profit is over 50%!  It shouldn’t come as a surprise that the company is expected to experience this rise, as they have many things going on for them.  For example, compared to Amazon, Alibaba deals in some sectors that the former doesn’t go near, like medical services that sees prescriptions delivered to patients’ homes and even a food service that delivers groceries and foods as well to the consumer’s doorstep.  This diversification is set to launch the company to new heights, as they are constantly growing and attracting more consumers.

Dave & Buster’s

What’s cooler than having a video arcade in the restaurant you’re eating in?  With around 125 branches in the US and Canada, Dave & Buster’s is one of the best growing restaurant/arcade chains in the Americas.  While their stocks have suffered some losses over the past couple of years, it’s expected that they will rise by over 25% over the course of 2019, making them an option you might want to consider for investment this year.


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Are the odds in your favor?

Truth is, these are some cool numbers and the predictions for this year’s stock show much promise for the future.  What you need to do is ask yourself if these numbers are good enough for you to invest your money in any of these companies, because the stock market is volatile and nothing is certain, and that’s a fact.  Still, if you passed on the idea of investing in any of these companies, can you really forgive yourself with an upside of over 50%?