planetRE Announces Next Generation Real Estate Lead Navigation Initiative Magellan™

SAN JOSE, Calif. (STL.News) – planetRE, the nation’s leading enterprise cloud vendor for online real estate, has announced new lead navigation technology Magellan on top of its patented Socialite CRM to deliver sophisticated lead navigation and management systems at cloud speed, encompassing agent ratings to large real estate enterprises.

Magellan can be deployed as a standalone service or within the Socialite CRM cloud. Incoming leads for brokerages can be routed automatically to individual agents with Socialite CRM or handed to a third party lead system via API. Magellan lead notifications are sent using email, text, voice and with Socialite CRM add on, lead responsiveness and communications can be tracked for each lead to drive agent rating.

Lead management at cloud scale within large enterprises is a huge challenge given large volumes of lead data generated from diverse cloud sources. If not serviced fast, they could be lost. Enterprises have a need to deliver quick responses to leads with a fast reliable distribution system employing diverse business rules governing lead navigation and propagation within the network.

With new technology, Magellan can source, classify and navigate leads at cloud speed within large networks. Flexible business rules including agent rating systems can be configured at setup to route leads to the best practioners. Highly customizable cloud reports offer lead accountabilty, referrals tracking and transparency to drive agent ratings.

“Companies spend a lot of resources generating leads but navigating them for delivery inside complex business networks at cloud speed with high accuracy is a huge challenge; often resulting in huge loss of business,” said Subrao Shenoy, CEO of planetRE. “Magellan solves this problem head on with an added benefit of a patented CRM bolted behind.”

About planetRE

planetRE is a privately held, leading cloud vendor, providing Enterprise software to the real estate industry. Headquartered in Silicon Valley, CA; its primary mission is to provide cutting edge cloud platforms to the global real estate industry in areas of Online Marketing, Transaction and Financial Management. More information about planetRE Transact can be found on

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