• Sat. May 8th, 2021

Pennsylvania Governor Commends President-Elect Biden

Pennsylvania Governor Commends President-Elect Biden

Pennsylvania Governor Commends President-Elect Biden on COVID-19 Task Force

Harrisburg, PA (STL.News) As COVID-19 cases reach record-highs in Pennsylvania and across the country, Governor Tom Wolf today thanked and commended President-elect Joe Biden for making fighting the COVID-19 pandemic a priority, and on the introduction of his coronavirus task force that includes public health experts with ties to Pennsylvania.

“It is reassuring to see President-elect Biden take this virus seriously and move forward with a task force that is focused on science and reality,” Gov. Wolf said.  “The members of his task force are some of the most respected public health experts in the country, including two Philadelphia-area physicians.

“We need leadership that is consistent and committed to ending this pandemic, to saving lives and livelihoods, and to making decisions based on facts and science.  I commend President-elect Biden for the team he has put together to lead the country out of this very difficult period.”

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