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Pennsylvania Association of Realtors® Urges PA House to Pass House Bill 2412

LEMOYNE, PA (STL.News) The Pennsylvania Association of Realtors® urges the Pennsylvania House of Representatives to pass House Bill 2412 (Polinchock, R-Bucks), which would allow real estate services to reopen across the state.

House Bill 2412 would not return real estate to “business as usual.”  The association is working to provide safety procedures based on guidelines from the CDC.  Given that limited in-person real estate business has been practiced safely in most other states, it should be able to be conducted in Pennsylvania as well.

“PAR has continued to advocate that real estate is a life-sustaining business,” said PAR President William Festa.  “The governor’s outlined regional reopening plan of businesses announced earlier this week will impede consumers’ ability to purchase a home where they want to live.  We believe this will be confusing to consumers, particularly those in bordering counties.”

The association has been advocating that Governor Tom Wolf reclassify real estate services as life-sustaining, following the change to federal guidelines, which included real estate services as essential.  Senate Bill 613, which passed the state General Assembly, would have required the state to follow the revised guidelines, however Gov. Wolf vetoed the bill earlier this week.

“The business shut down orders have severely curtailed the practice of real estate in Pennsylvania, which has led to individuals and families being unable to have access to shelter and many are facing incredible financial difficulties,” Festa said.  “Allowing real estate services to be conducted in one county, while those in a bordering county are unable to do so, simply isn’t practical.  The phased reopening would provide housing relief to some Pennsylvanians, while prohibiting others’ ability to gain shelter.”

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