• Tue. May 18th, 2021

Ohio Lottery: Bradley Yates wins $1 million playing $1,000,000 Cashword

Ohio Lottery: Bradley Yates wins $1 million playing $1,000,000 Cashword

MONROEVILLE, OH (STL.News) Bradley Yates of Monroeville claimed a $1-million top prize in the Ohio Lottery’s $20 scratch-off, $1,000,000 Cashword #530.

The $1-million top prize is an annuity, paid as $45,000 a year for 25 years.  Bradley chose the $500,000 cash option payment and will receive a check for $360,000 after state and federal tax withholdings.

Bradley purchased his winning ticket from Cold as Ice, a beverage carryout located in Monroeville.  Cold as Ice, located at 22 North Main Street in Monroeville, will receive a $10,000 sales bonus.


Marty Smith

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