New Survey Reveals American Investors View Real Estate as the Safest Option for Long Term Retirement Investing, While Precious Metals & US Treasuries Viewed as the Least Safe

NEW YORK (STL.News) – A new survey of 2,000 Americans between the ages of 35 and 65+ examines which investment option they consider to be the safest for long-term retirement investing with some interesting results. The study was launched by Sophisticated Investor, an online magazine dedicated to providing insight and analysis on a variety of investment topics to sophisticated and accredited investors worldwide.

Survey Question & Findings

Survey breakdown
Survey breakdown
The survey asked 2,000 Americans the following question:

Which of the following investments do you view as “the safest” for long term retirement investing?

Real Estate
Stocks & Bonds
Savings Account at the Bank
Other alternative assets
Fixed Annuities
Gold & Silver Bullion
U.S. Treasury Issued Securities

According to the findings of the survey, when asked which option they would choose from, 22.4% of all respondents selected real estate as the safest long-term investment for retirement. Interestingly, when demographic filters were applied to the survey results, 25.1% of respondents between 45 and 54 yeas old selected this investment option.

Based upon the results of the survey, this alternative investment is now viewed as the safest choice for long-term retirement investing. Given the current turbulent state of the financial markets and the global economy, the average American investor seems to be leaning towards more secure long-term investment options for retirement and real estate is currently viewed as the top choice in that regard.

“Real Estate has come a long way since the last financial crisis where confidence in this asset class hit rock bottom. The real estate markets have been showing consistent positive results all over the country, and that could explain why Americans have such a positive outlook on this asset class” stated Mark Spitz, Head Editor at Sophisticated Investor.

The next most popular response amongst American investors who took the survey was stocks & bonds, with 18%. Interesting insight was found when demographic filters were applied to the survey results, factoring young investors, between 35 and 44-years-old. Within that age bracket, 19.5% indicated this investment option was the safest, and additionally, 21.5% of females from this demographic made this selection. Taking into account that stocks and bonds are usually regarded as the primary option for long-term investment, it is understandable why younger investors are more inclined to weather the ups and downs of the markets.

Despite hitting record highs this year, gold & silver bullion garnered only 10.6%, yet fascinating insight was discovered with demographic filters to the results. When gender was factored, 13.4% of all males surveyed stated that they regarded gold & silver bullion as the safest long-term investment for retirement.

Investors tend to flock to precious metals in times of crisis, but since the economy is doing well as a whole, it is understandable that investors don’t see gold & silver as a great investment at the moment.

The final investment option was U.S. Treasury issued securities at 9%. Surprising result, as U.S. Treasury issued securities have long been the bastion of safety and security amid the turbulence of financial markets.

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