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Nevada Governor Signs Legislation from 81st Session

LAS VEGAS, NV (STL.News) Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak signed legislation from the 81st Legislative Session, including bills in support of women’s health and criminal and social justice reform.

At the women’s health bill signing, the Governor was joined by sponsors of the legislation including Senator Majority Leader Nicole Cannizzaro, Assembly Majority Floor Leader Teresa Benitez-Thompson, and Assemblywoman Bea Duran.  He was also accompanied by Samantha Glover, a student who brought the legislative proposal forward to Assemblywoman Duran.

In the subsequent bill signing, he was joined by bill sponsors which included Assemblywoman Rochelle Nguyen, Assemblywoman Brittney Miller, and Assemblyman Edgar Flores along with other community advocates and organizations.

The following is a list of bills the Governor held signing ceremonies for today:

In support of women’s health

“Increasing access to health care is a cornerstone of my administration, which is why I was so glad to see the Nevada Legislature bring forward so many bills related to improving the health of Nevadans – and more importantly, related to women’s health, said Governor Sisolak. ”Together, we are making Nevada a more inclusive and healthy State.”

  • Assembly Bill 196 – Sponsored by Assemblywoman Benitez-Thompson and presented with Lt. Governor Kate Marshall and Jennifer Richards, a disability rights attorney, this bill requires each courthouse to contain a lactation room that may be used by members of the public to express breast milk – separate from a bathroom.
  • Assembly Bill 224 – Sponsored by Assemblywoman Duran, this legislation requires middle schools, junior high schools, and high schools to provide feminine hygiene products in school bathrooms at no cost to the students.  An evaluation related to how accessible these products are will be included in a school’s annual accountability reports.
  • Senate Bill 190 – Sponsored by Senator Majority Leader Nicole Cannizzaro, this legislation will allow women to receive birth control through a pharmacy and bypass a doctor’s visit by requiring our Chief Medical Officer to issue a standing prescription order.

In support of criminal and social justice reform

“Today, I signed four significant pieces of legislation into law that will take us one step closer towards advancing widespread criminal and social justice reform in our State,” said Governor Sisolak.  “Thank you to all the advocates and lawmakers who worked throughout the Legislative Session to make sure we are making Nevada a safe and welcoming place for all.”

  • Senate Bill 219 – Sponsored by Senate Majority Leader Cannizzaro and presented with Leisa Mosley from Fines and Fees Justice Center, this bill removes a court’s authority to suspend a driver’s license or prohibit a defendant from applying for a driver’s license as the result of any delinquent fine, administrative assessment, fee, or restitution the defendant owes.
  • Assembly Bill 116 – Sponsored by Assemblywoman Nguyen and presented again with Leisa Mosley and Alex Wong, a Nevada Youth Legislator, this legislation will decriminalize minor traffic violations, making them civil infractions and end the practice of issuing warrants when an individual can’t afford to pay the fines, fees and assessments.
  • Assembly Bill 371 – Sponsored by Assemblywoman Miller, this legislation is aimed at creating a safe and responsible learning environment for all students.  This legislation allows reported incidents that pertain to discrimination to have a process in which there is a formal investigation.
  • Assembly Bill 132 – Sponsored by Assemblyman Flores, this legislation requires a peace or probation officer who takes a child into custody to make certain disclosures to the child concerning his or her rights before initiating a custodial interrogation.

Additionally, Governor Sisolak signed the following bills into law today:

  • Assembly Bill 404 – Sponsored by Assembly Committee on Judiciary, Allows an applicant for a temporary or extended order for protection against domestic violence to decline to disclose his or her address and contact information in an application under certain circumstances.
  • Senate Bill 177 – Sponsored by Julia Ratti, among other provisions, revises the eligibility of nonprofit organizations that provide services for victims of domestic violence to receive grants from the Account for Aid for Victims of Domestic Violence and renames the Account as the Account for Aid for Victims of Domestic or Sexual Violence
  • Senate Bill 283 – Sponsored by Senator Chris Brooks, Authorizes the governing body of a municipality to create a district to finance or refinance qualified improvement projects for energy efficiency, renewable energy, resiliency, or water efficiency.
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