National Governors Association – NGA

National Governors Association (NGA) is a bipartisan organization member consisting of the nation’s governors.  It was established in 1908 and is considered to be the nation’s most trusted/respected public organization.

NGA supports state governors with services ranging from assistance with representing states on Capitol Hill to other federal issues relevant to each particular state.

Additionally, the NGA offers an advocacy mission for government relations.  NGA manages the relationship between the state and federal government agencies, commissions, and boards.  The objective is to represent the governor’s views to help shape federal policy with communications with congressional members and administration officials.


  • Montana Governor – Steve Bullock – NGA Chair
  • Maryland Governor – Larry Hogan – NGA Vice Chair
  • Scott Pattison – Executive Director

NGA location:

National Governors Association
444 North Capitol Street
Suite 267
Washington, D.C. 20001

Phone: (202) 624-5300