• Fri. Apr 16th, 2021

Missouri Auto Accident: Death – Mark A. Swindell, Moberly, MO

Missouri Auto Accident: Death - Mark A. Swindell, Moberly, MO

(STL.News) The Missouri Highway Patrol reported a traffic accident.  We regret to inform this accident.  We do wish the best for everybody involved and their families.

Missouri Auto Accident Report: involving drivers Mark A. Swindell (59) from Moberly, MO and Brandon L. Wainman (25) from Centralia, MO

  1. Date: February 15, 2021
  2. Time: 4:20 pm
  3. Number of Vehicles: 2 (Two)
  4. Driver Name (1): Mark A. Swindell (59) from Moberly, Missouri
  5. Driver Name (2): Brandon L. Wainman (25) from Centralia, Missouri
  6. Injury Driver (1): FATAL
  7. Injury Driver (2): Unknown
  8. Vehicle Description (1): 2005 GMC Sierra
  9. Vehicle Description (2): 2012 Freightliner Dump Truck
  10. Incident ID Number: 210073375
  11. County: Boone County
  12. Location: US 63 southbound at Breedlove Road
  13. Driver Insurance (1): State Farm
  14. Driver Insurance (2): MOPERM
  15. Vehicle (s) Direction: Vehicle 1 was southbound while vehicle 2 was westbound
  16. Investigated by: Trooper GT Johnson
  17. Troop: Troop F
  18. Misc. Information: Fatality Crash – occurred as 1 was traveling southbound on US 63 and vehicle 2 was crossing US 63 at Breedlove Road vehicle 2 was traveling into the path of vehicle 1.  They collided with vehicle 1, traveled off the right side of the roadway, down an embankment, and struck a tree. Driver 1 was pronounced on scene at 1620 by Boone County Forensic Investigator Stacey Huck.

It is the law in Missouri to:

  • Wear a Seat-belt
  • Have auto insurance
  • Obey the laws
  • Do NOT drive while under the influence of alcohol or drug use


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