Marmox France Features New Natural Stone Shower Solutions at The ISH Exhibition

NANTES, FRANCE (STL.News) – Marmox France, world-renown for their innovative interior design solutions, showcases their new natural stone shower options at the ISH Exhibition in Germany. Marmox stone shower solutions, designed to improve aesthetic and ambiance, are available in six stone colours, and six different resins, to meet the décor of any interior including the recent trend of matte black finishes that are popular in new shower builds.

All Marmox home décor product lines are designed with ease of installation in mind. The new stone shower solutions offered by Marmox include personalization options such angle trays and shower corner seats, that are seamless to install.

The ISH Exhibition also provided Marmox the opportunity to demonstrate to installers and builders the ease with which Marmox products can be installed, including niches ready to tile, compact shower underlay line drains, and lightweight shower trays with water fleecing that is unique to the marketplace.

More About Marmox France:

Based out of Nantes, France, Marmox France is a leading manufacturer of construction panels, Italian shower designs, custom hammam spa designs, and easy to install mosaic in rolls.

Founded in 2009 by Damien Dreher, Marmox France offers interior designers and decorators with premium construction solutions for any space. More specifically; masonry solutions, wall cladding panels, ultra-light and durable natural stones and walls, textured or smooth, and easy to install.

Builders and Designers across Europe and the world trust Marmox France for their premium products, unique and modern aesthetic, lightweight construction, and ease of construction and installation.

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