Making Arizona Home Base For Veterans Everywhere

Phoenix, AZ (STL.News) Arizona is home to more than 600,000 veterans, and Arizona Governor Doug Ducey is working to welcome even more.  The Governor’s balanced budget invests $45 million to eliminate all state income taxes on veterans’ military pensions, rolling out the welcome mat to veterans all over the country.

Hal Pittman, Navy Retiree

“This is about incentivizing military retirees to come to Arizona for all the right reasons… It’s an opportunity to attract some of the best and brightest America has to offer to come to our state, to be part of the economy and be part of our narrative.”

Aaron Villaverde, Marine Corps Retiree

“Statistically, we see that veterans are a benefit to any community that they live in and they bring a lot of benefits from a social standpoint as well as in employment and overall well-being to society.  They benefit the communities they live in… A state that can promote that we’re veteran friendly and these are the advantages you’re going to get compared to other states, I think that attracts the right veterans to your state.  It not only attracts them here, but keeps them here.”

Rebecca Feaster, Air Force Retiree & Navy Spouse

“Governor Ducey is really putting the welcome mat out—at least by his legislation and what he wants to do—that veterans are important and he respects and wants them to be part of the community here in Arizona.”

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