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Maine Governor Urges People To Kick Off New Year Safely At Home

Governor Mills Urges Maine People To Kick Off New Year Safely At Home

(STL.News) Governor Janet Mills today issued a video statement urging Maine people to be safe tonight heading into the New Year.

“Hello, this is Governor Janet Mills.  Like you, I am so looking forward to putting this year behind us completely and stepping into a better, more hopeful New Year.  But to do so safely, we’ve got to ring in the New Year differently tonight.

“There’s a term, “FOMO,” I’ve heard — “Fear of Missing Out.”  Many people are feeling left out tonight for a lot of reasons.  Many are unable to see or hug their loved ones because of COVID.  Tonight, don’t let “fear of missing out” cause you to do things against your better judgment.

“Before you think about going out tonight, before you go to a party down the street, before you invite a bunch of people over, think about the first responders, the EMTs, the nurses, CNAs and doctors whose lives are constantly put on the line by so many people getting deathly sick with this virus.

“We’re all eager to show 2020 the door and we very much want to join friends, go to parties and celebrate in the usual ways.  But the last thing any of us wants to do is to welcome in the New Year by getting sick, or making someone else sick, with a dangerous virus – one that is everywhere, all around us, invisible, and deadly;  it’s at the dinner table, at the dance, at the potluck supper, the pool table and the neighborhood poker game. It’s here and it’s real.

“This crisis isn’t over.  The virus is killing more and more people every day.  Please don’t let your guard down.

“There’s a reason there won’t be hordes of people tonight in Times Square.  No celebrations in cities across the State of Maine.  So don’t worry about missing out on anything by staying home tonight and just lying low.

“Connect in other ways.  Hop on Zoom or a FaceTime call. Pick up the phone and talk to a family member or friend. Get some exercise, go out for a walk around the block.  Watch a good movie. That’s what other people are doing.

“Watching the ball drop on tv from the safety of your couch or living room, you’ll actually be joining most Americans and thousands of other Maine people in celebrating the New Year this year in close, quiet, safe fashion.  You won’t be missing out on anything. And we won’t be missing you this time next year!

“Let’s get 2021 off on the right foot.  With your help, we will get through this.  We are Maine Strong.  I want every one of you to stay safe and stay well.  Happy New Year, Maine!”


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