General · September 24, 2020 0

Louisville, Ky; Statement From U.S. Attorney Russell Coleman

(STL.News) – Federal law enforcement here in Louisville is sworn to protect First Amendment-protected speech, to include peaceful protest.  A key provision of that constitutional right though, is to be “peaceable.”  Shooting this city’s law enforcement officers, looting its businesses, and committing arson at the front door of its state courthouse is far from peaceable.

Louisville has endured enough loss of life; we are experiencing historic levels of murders and shootings of our neighbors.  No one else in this community should face the loss of a loved one or destruction of their place of business.  Cross the line from peaceful protest into federal criminal conduct that puts people at risk and we will do everything in our power to swiftly bring federal charges.  If you use lawful protest as a cover to harm this city, be prepared to stare down a federal judge.


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