Legal Assistance Available for Families Damaged by the Opioid Crisis by Brown & Crouppen

ST LOUIS, MO (STL.News) The opioid crisis in the United States takes approximately 100 lives each day according to a recent ad by Brown & Crouppen, a personal injury law firm is based in St Louis, Missouri.

Opioids may include, but not limited to:

Due to opioids’ sedative effects on the part of the brain, it regulates breathing, the respiratory center of the medulla oblongata, opioids in high dosage amounts increases the risk for respiratory depression.  It could cause a respiratory failure resulting in death.

Some view that the risks often outweigh the benefits as opioids are known to be effective in treating acute pain, but not necessarily right for chronic pain.

The painkiller, fentanyl, is synthesized to replicate other opiates like opium-derived morphine and heroin, which may be part of the reason many opioids victims fall reliant on heroin.

Most American’s know somebody that has been affected by this crisis, which as Brown & Couppen says in their ad, “this should have never happened.”  So true!

This article is NOT sponsored by Brown & Crouppen.  Calls were made to the firm, but nobody available for comment.

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