• Tue. May 18th, 2021

LAPD Statement Regarding Off-Duty Officer-Involved Shooting In Corona, CA

LAPD Statement Regarding Off-Duty Officer-Involved Shooting In Corona, CA

Los Angeles, CA (STL.News) The Los Angeles Board of Police Commissioners reviewed the off-duty officer involved shooting that occurred at a Costco Wholesale Warehouse in Corona, California, on June 14, 2019.  The Board unanimously adopted the recommendations of the Chief of Police, finding the shooting out of policy.

Pursuant to the City Charter, the matter has now been returned to the Chief of Police for further action, including any disciplinary action. Police Chief Michel Moore immediately ordered a complaint investigation to be completed.  He also ordered the proposed disciplinary action be brought back to his desk at the earliest opportunity, recognizing the extensive level of detail of the incident that has already been gathered, including the involved officer’s account.

Chief Michel Moore stated, “Regardless of the outcome of this next chapter, I express my profound regret for what occurred to the French family and loved ones.  The decisions and actions of this officer cannot be justified and are inconsistent with the Department’s Core values, training and expectations of every member of this organization.”


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