Keep Your Rental Property Neat and Clean with these Tips

(STL.News) Are you receiving cleanliness complaints from your tenants?  Apart from current tenants’ cleanliness complaints, keeping your apartments and rental property clean increases their value.  A clean apartment has high bookings and receives positive reviews from tenants.  Keeping your apartments and rental properties clean has many benefits, but it can be challenging.  You might not be knowing where to start and where to end.

Here are some tips on how you can keep your rental property super clean and neat:

1. Clean the kitchen

Before showing your rental property you should give it a clean and a fresh feeling. Cleaning the kitchen can be tough, but when broken into sections it becomes easy.  Start by emptying the cupboards and shelves.  Clean them inside and out and use a clean, dry cloth to wipe them.  Clean all the appliances in the kitchen such as the refrigerator, dishwasher, oven, and washing machines. Clean the back of the appliances to remove accumulated dust and cobwebs.

2. Clean the bathroom

To get attractive reviews and receive premium tenants your house must be clean including the bathroom.  Blemishes, limescale, and scales are common in bathrooms no matter how much you struggle to keep it clean.  You should thoroughly scrub and clean the floor, bathtubs, shower, sink, and toilet.  And remove debris from drains and plug holes.

3. Clean the walls

Inspect your walls for scratches, dirty marks and scuffs.  You can either wash them off, but if they’re too much, consider repainting.  Fill any hole with wall fillers, get rid of molds and clean the wall before repainting.  After painting, open the windows for aeration.

4. Remove the clutter

After a move out, the house can be full of clutter.  By clearing clutter, you can change the appearance of the house and also create more space.  A clean house won’t look attractive unless clutter has been cleared.  This makes your property neat by the time potential tenants and property manager visits for inspection.

5. Clean the furnishing

When the upholstery of your house looks pristine the value rises and more people are attracted.  Vacuum clean all the furniture and use dry wash solutions when cleaning the furnishes.  Use wood polish to refinish the furniture to make them look new.  Using a good vacuum cleaner, such as these from unclutterer, will help you to clean your room from any dust and bacteria’s.

6. Outsource waste management services

One of the biggest problems with rental properties is waste management.  Your property can be miles away from the dumpsite, tenants may not be willing to carry trash to the dumpsite and you may also not have time to do it yourself.  Consider hiring a valet trash service to get the burden of waste management off from you.  This not only relieves the waste management burden, but also help keep the compound clean, for they pick trash at the door in specified days.

7. Check Outdoor

The first impression is everything.  If your property has a swimming pool and a front/backyard garden you need to regularly clean and maintains them.  Broken gates should be repaired, bushes pruned, lawns mowed and garden maintained, to get a plus from the outdoors.

Keeping your rental property or apartments can be challenging, but with the above seven tricks, your apartments will ever be sparkling clean and ready for the next tenant after a move-out.  Keeping your apartment clean not only attracts new tenants, but also increases its value.

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