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Kansas City, MO: Operation LeGend Results in 97 Arrests to Date, Including Five Murder Suspects

KANSAS CITY, MO (STL.News) U.S. Attorney Tim Garrison declared Friday that 97 arrests are created by local and national law enforcement officers in under two months since the launching of Operation LeGend.  One of those detained from July 15 fresh charges are filed against 11 defendants.  Nine defendants were charged with illegally possessing guns, 1 suspect was charged with drug trafficking, and a single suspect was charged with carjacking.  49 were fugitives with state or national warrants.  The 39 arrests were referred for prosecution in court.  Other crimes included assault, drug trafficking possessing child molestation, robbery, firearms, and sexual assault.  “That is our very first comprehensive record to update the general public about the progress against brutal offense that’s been attained as a consequence of Operation LeGend,” Garrison added.  I have been communicating with local pastors, community leaders, victims of crime, and public officials, and also will continue to offer normal updates” Along with the arrests, officials and agents captured 35 firearms, a total of almost 3 kilograms of methamphetamine, countless tablets (like oxycontin and bliss), heroin, cocaine, crack cocaine, and almost $40,000 in money.  “That is the effects of a targeted initiative to decrease violent crime, performed by federal and local law enforcement working together,” Garrison said.  “Many people who have been detained were carrying firearms or prohibited drugs.  By bringing them to justice, we decrease the degree of violence around the road and also the danger of crime in our neighborhoods.”


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