Invest in Your Future by Becoming a Pizza World Franchisee

Take the Guess Work Out of Owning Your Own Business – Become a Pizza World Franchisee

(STL.News) We’re still in the beginning of a new year, and what better time to make that change you’ve been wanting to make, and really invest in your future!  Become a franchisee, and take the guess work out of owning your own business.

The numerous benefits of franchising make it an enticing career opportunity for entrepreneurs.  Because a franchise doesn’t succeed until the franchisees do, you’re basically starting off with an established brand and an incredible support system.

Pizza is a staple of the franchise world, with competitors still finding new and innovative ways to put together a pie or slice.  While a few of the big name pizza chains still rule the market, concept franchises like Pizza World are offering a fresh new approach and a delicious new take on this fare.  That’s why it’s so exciting that you can now have the opportunity to become your own Pizza World franchise owner.

Pizza World Founder and CEO, Eric Wortham, has been in the pizza business operating stores for 27 years, and continues to marvel at the opportunities.  “I can’t wait to offer my experience and knowledge for our new franchisees to help them succeed in their new business endeavor,” Wortham continues, “We have marketing directors and social media, along with support staff just waiting to help.”

The director of operations and training is Wortham’s son, Ryan, who grew up with the pizza business, and currently owns his own Pizza World in Granite City, IL.  That’s just one of 11 Pizza World franchises with more in the works.  The company is now enticing customers offering the highest quality each and every time they place an order in Illinois, Indiana, Missouri, Virginia, Iowa, and North Carolina.  Wortham says they recently signed the company’s second franchise agreement in Iowa, and the new franchise agreement in North Carolina.  They also have a commitment in Virginia for four new stores.

The cost to become a Pizza World Franchisee is $14,500.00.  You’ll receive training, grand opening assistance, site evaluation, assistance with drawings finding equipment, and be part of their national food contract that makes the running of your store consistent with the comfort of knowing your cost of goods is far lower than other Independent owners and large national chains who mark up their food.  Because the company is SBA approved, new franchisees are eligible for government backed loans to help them get started.

What makes becoming a Pizza World franchisee even more appealing than it already sounds is the very low royalties of 2.75%, compared to 5 and 6% with most fast food companies.  This saves the franchisee thousands of dollars each year, basically 50% under other franchise royalties.

“You work hard, and Pizza World allows you to keep more of your hard earned money,” says Wortham.

Pizza World provides state of the art marketing at 0% to the franchisee.  The company provides all of the marketing materials needed including menus, door hangers, direct mail pieces, designed banners and many other types of ads.  They also offer mobile apps for easy ordering that work in conjunction with the company’s online ordering systems, and are poised for future growth with Apple and Android apps, along with a state of the art online ordering system.

Staying with their popular concept of focusing on quality and only the freshest ingredients, Pizza World specializes in numerous flavors from around the world, but still offer traditional pizza like pepperoni and sausage.  They also serve sumptuous fresh subs, great salads using Romaine lettuce, tasty regular and boneless wings, delicious cal-zones, and a yummy choice of dessert items.

Wortham says their dough is never trucked in or brought in frozen, but made fresh in the stores every day. “We slice fresh vegetables daily, never using the vacuum sealed bags like other large franchises,” he said.  “We also use only the freshest, real mozzarella cheese with a hint of buffalo milk, unlike any other, and these differences are what make our pizza award-winning,” Wortham added.

Pizza World’s fresh new approach of being a franchisee friendly concept with all the advantages of the major chains, but with the quality and personal touch of an independent, is what make Pizza World an up-an-coming franchise to watch.

Wortham says, “We can’t wait for them to taste and see the difference.”  For more information, go to

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