Hologic Expands Hysteroscopy Portfolio with Launch of Omni™ Lok Cervical Seal in U.S. and Canada

(STL.News) – Hologic, Inc. (Nasdaq: HOLX) has launched the Omni™ Lok cervical seal, the latest offering in its growing portfolio of hysteroscopic devices, the Company announced today.  The first-in-its-class product is designed to help maintain uterine distention and improve procedural efficiency in the operating room (OR) by minimizing fluid leakage during hysteroscopic procedures.  1,2,3

“Managing fluid loss is a critical element of hysteroscopies that often extends procedure time and disrupts OR processes and readily calculated fluid deficit,” said Edward Evantash, M.D., Medical Director and Vice President of Global Medical Affairs, Hologic.  “The Omni Lok cervical seal is the first device that seals the cervix during the operation, so that mitigating fluid loss is one less issue for the surgical team to worry about.”

The Omni Lok cervical seal is designed to help maintain distention by minimizing cervical fluid leakage by an average of 94%.1,4 This also results in less fluid on floors and the operating table, and can consequently improve physician estimates of fluid loss.  Additionally, reduced cleanup and OR turnover time may help physicians schedule more patients for increased productivity.  1,2 The seal is compatible with the MyoSure® and Omni™ hysteroscopes.

“Our goal is to help physicians perform hysteroscopies with more confidence and fewer interruptions that can prolong procedures,” said Sean Daugherty, President of GYN Surgical Solutions, Hologic.  “We’re excited to add the Omni Lok cervical seal to our portfolio of hysteroscopy innovations and provide doctors and patients a solution that improves their experience during hysteroscopic procedures.”

The Omni Lok cervical seal is commercially available in the U.S. and Canada.  For more information on this product and Hologic’s full hysteroscopic procedure portfolio, visit GYNSurgicalSolutions.com/OmniLok.


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