Haiti: Barricades burn as health workers join anti-government protest

HAITI (STL.News) Barricades burned in the streets of Port-au-Prince in Haiti on Sunday as thousands marched to demand an end to President Jovenel Moïse’s term in office.

Political turmoil has engulfed the volatile Caribbean nation amid a dispute between Moïse’s administration and the opposition when the president’s term is supposed to end.

Health workers joined Sunday’s march to express their disapproval of Moïse’s government, including insecurity in the Caribbean country that has seen a string of kidnappings of people in middle-class jobs.

Haiti’s opposition claims Moïse should step down as his five-year term in office expired on February 7 following the 2015 elections, which were disputed and the result canceled by the electoral council.

Moïse rejects those claims, arguing he took power in February 2017 after winning fresh elections in 2016 and has pledged to step down next year.