Greater St. Louis Metropolitan

St. Louis Metropolitan Area Includes Cities and Counties in Illinois and Missouri

The Greater St. Louis metropolitan area is a bi-state area, which includes the City of St. Louis, which is an independent city, covering parts of Missouri and Illinois.  The Mississippi River is the divider between Missouri and Illinois with the Missouri side being more populated than the Illinois side.  St Louis city is the second largest metro area in Illinois and the largest metro area in Missouri.  For some odd reason, probably political, St. Louis County is independent of the City of St. Louis with populations being calculated separately.

  1. Bond County, Illinois
  2. Calhoun County, Illinois
  3. Clinton County, Illinois
  4. Jersey County, Illinois
  5. Macoupin County, Illinois
  6. Madison County, Illinois
  7. Monroe County, Illinois
  8. St. Clair County, Illinois
  9. Franklin County, Missouri
  10. Jefferson County, Missouri
  11. Lincoln County, Missouri
  12. St Louis City, Missouri
  13. St Louis County, Missouri
  14. Warren County, Missouri


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