Five Factors to Consider When Purchasing a Second Home in Puerto Escondido



Vivo Resorts’ home near Puerto Escondido is buzzing with investment growth and rising interest from second-home buyers. High market potential and a relaxed surf atmosphere are drawing interest to this Oaxacan port town. Here are five questions to ask when purchasing a home in Puerto Escondido.

  1. Why Puerto Escondido?
    Perhaps why not Puerto Escondido is a better question. While Puerto Escondido’s government dedicates more than $50 billion toward infrastructure upgrades and improvement of the local highway, its airport is expected to reach one million passengers by 2025*. New supermarkets and car dealerships also dot the area, where the population is predicted to grow 50 percent in the next ten years. Simultaneously, culturally authentic Puerto Escondido is famously situated in a low hurricane zone (only 3 recorded in the last 167 years according to stats from NOAA Costal Services Center) among stunning ocean vistas and scenic mountains. All these aspects have primed an investment boom and made the area ripe for opportunity.

  2. What are you looking for in your new home?
    Whether it’s active parents with young children or snowbirds seeking a quiet and relaxed community to spend their golden years, new home seekers of all ages can find accommodations and activities suited to their needs at Vivo Resorts, from a vibrant Kids’ Club to a comfortable community Clubhouse. Mexico vacation home consultant and advisor J.P. Gosselin recommends thinking in terms of experience and lifestyle over the novelty of a new home. Will your property serve as a year-round home or a vacation getaway? Do you desire flexibility that allows you to invite guests, and how much maintenance are you willing to commit to? These are just a few considerations suggested by Gosselin.

  3. What values are you seeking in your new community?
    Similarly, aspiring new home owners should envision the desired community, culture and vision behind their ideal new home. It’s important to find a location that marries one’s ethics, dreams and everyday necessities. For example, a major driving force behind Vivo is its Vivo Foundation, which contributes to charity projects including education programs, construction, neighborhood improvements and turtle conservation program releasing endangered baby turtles into the ocean.

  4. Which ownership model works best for you?
    How often you plan to be in your new home, financial pathways and future resale potential are just some of the factors to weigh against the value of a new home. Maintenance and management options should be included as part of the research and buying process. If the new purchase is a vacation home, who will manage the property at times when you are not around? Will the home be available for rental by others under the Vivo Vacations program? Can the home function as a legacy asset to pass on to future family generations? As Vivo Resorts offers both expansive villas and fully equipped condos, new owners have a plethora of options to peruse.

  5. What’s next?
    Vivo’s ongoing growth provides ground for yet further opportunity. New condominiums available for pre-construction include the Botanica concept at an accessible price point of $244,900 for one bedroom/one bath and $344,900 for two bedroom/two bath residences, also offering a five-year payment plan, turnkey packages and several décor options. Construction on Marino Residences is well underway and only a few condominium suites remain for sale in the Nautico Residences scheduled to start construction in mid-May.

About Vivo Resorts:
Vivo Resorts is a $200 million dollar, 75-acre gated beach front community of luxury condominiums and private homes situated within 10 miles of downtown Puerto Escondido, one of Mexico’s top surf spots. At full build-out, the master planned community will feature 115 private home sites and over 400 condominiums. Founded by two-time Olympian downhill skier, World Cup champion and visionary Developer Cary Mullen, Puerto Escondido was chosen from over 30 different destinations for its long stretches of unspoiled beaches, year-round warm weather and world-class recreational activities. For more information on real estate opportunities or hotel reservations at Vivo Resorts visit