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NEWTOWN, CONN./ JUNE 20, 2019 (STL.News)

Holding true to its steadfast commitment to shape the way homes are built and remodeled, Fine Homebuilding announces today a multi-day forum considered to be the “TED Talk of the Construction Industry.” In the fall of 2019, Fine Homebuilding, along with Green Building Advisor and in partnership with the Northeast Sustainable Energy Association (NESEA), is bringing together building industry experts, thought leaders, and select manufacturers for an intense, collaborative learning experience. This interactive seminar titled, SUMMIT, will take place from October 2 through 4 in Southbridge, Massachusetts, and will feature more than a dozen experts from various areas of the industry, each presenting on topics within their area of expertise, all in service of the same agenda—building better homes.

The Presenters:

Steve Baczek – Architect
Michael Maines – Designer/Builder
Martin Holladay – Editor, GBA
Jordan Goldman – Mechanicals/HVAC expert
Mike Guertin – Builder/Remodeler
Ben Bogie – Builder/Remodeler
Chris Corson – Passive House Builder
Christine Williamson – Building science expert
Brent Hull – Old house expert
Peter Yost – Building science expert
Glenn Mathewson – Building code expert
Jake Bruton – Builder/Remodeler

Editorial Director, Justin Fink states, “We’re bringing together the most trusted and respected industry experts in the country for a one-of-a-kind event. Together, we will explore advanced design principles, investigate cutting-edge construction materials, and share insider tips and techniques. To say we are excited, is an understatement, but what is truly inspiring is that everyone attending shares not only the same deep passion for the craft but also the remarkable commitment to be of service to help advance the best industry standards.”

The format for the 2-day event centers around two types of sessions.

Insight Sessions: This is the main forum for the exchange of ideas at the Summit. It is the coming together of experts from various facets of the industry to present on a topic within their area of expertise. Speakers will take the stage and present their topic to the audience in less than 20 minutes. Some presentations will be controversial. Some will challenge what we think we know about how homes work and how they should be built. All will be thought provoking, allowing for deeper connections and conversations. These include:

Design with a Builder in Mind
The Future is Prefab
Building Science Puzzles
Why Buildings Fail
Breakout Sessions: This is the in-depth portion of the Summit. Attendees will have their choice of 3 to 4 seminars for each 90-minute block of Breakout sessions. Each industry expert will present a focused study of a specific topic—some with slideshows, other with props, and even some live clinics. Examples include:

HVAC for High Performance Houses
Easy Path to Airtight Construction
Making Sense of Building Codes
Water Management Strategies that Work
Renee Jordan, Taunton’s SVP & Group Publisher states, “When it comes to how to craft exceptional homes, Fine Homebuilding has its pulse on the building industry, bringing together a vibrant and progressive community who all share a deep commitment for influencing the way homes are built. With the Summit, we are inviting all the key players to the table, dedicating several days to bring all facets of the community together to share hours of insight with each other, to network, and to advance craftsmanship industry-wide, which is critical for long-term success for all involved.”

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