SAN ANTONIO, TX (STL.News) Emergency Cleaning Solutions (ECS) is a family-owned Biohazard Remediation company that has been in the decontamination business for 10 years.  This is what they think you need to know about disinfecting COVID-19 (Coronavirus) and how they can help.

While the emergence of the Coronavirus has health officials and the public rightfully worried about how to contain the spread, biohazard remediation companies contain and kill deadlier viruses in smaller environments on a daily basis.  “We have to assume that every scene we are called into is contaminated with HIV, Hepatitis and many other bloodborne pathogens,” says Chris Brown, Operations Manager of ECS.  When Coronavirus started to hit cities in Texas in late February of this year, ECS was prepared with all the proper personal protective equipment and chemicals necessary to disinfect buildings that may have been exposed.  “You have to make sure you are using the right product,” continues Chris.  “We use an EPA-registered hospital-grade disinfectant that kills bloodborne pathogens and viruses, including COVID-19.”

But along with the emergence of a new virus are panic profiteers; companies that quickly mobilize, market themselves and charge astronomical rates in the hopes that a fearful public will pay anything to stay safe.  “Our competitors are charging anywhere from 5 to 10 times what the market rate was for disinfection prior to this outbreak,” comments Chris.  “We refuse to price gouge a community that we hope to continue to service for years to come.”

“The businesses and families in this community helped me get my company off the ground and support my family,” says Kelly Brown, Owner and entrepreneur who started ECS. ” So we want to be there to help them during this pandemic.”

According to healthcare officials, the Coronavirus will be a burden on many communities for months to come.  Emergency Cleaning Solutions wants their community to know that they have the expertise, the tools and the decency to charge reasonably during this crisis.


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