DSN – Direct Source News

DSN – Direct Source News can be found at DirectSourceNews.org

DSN is the acronym for Direct Source News.  The organization obtains news direct from the sources.  The sources publishes their press releases, but it frequently goes overlooked due to other important current events that is more interesting to the public.  Additionally, print or air has limited space to discuss the overwhelming amount of news.  However, with the web and large data servers there are no limits on retrieving and storing data for all news that benefits the public.  DSN is aggregated news serving as a news search engine and helps the news sources distribute their unfiltered information to the public in an unbiased manner.

The sources include:

  1. Federal Government
  2. State Government
  3. Counties
  4. Municipalities
  5. Cities
  6. Publicly Traded Companies
  7. Associations
  8. Unions
  9. Foreign Governments

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