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Business is great.  Advertising is not bad and can be a benefit helping consumers find the information on the internet that they seek.  However, we would prefer to minimize it STL.News.  STL.News should server a greater purpose.

Our objective is to minimize the amount of advertising that is commonly necessary to fund a media type website.  Our preference would be to eliminate advertising, but it appears that we will need a minimal amount, but our strong desire is to minimize and make it non-intrusive.

We are dedicated, some would say, obsessed, to this mission for one simple reason; news should be made easily available to consumers using the power of the search engines.  Until the gap is filled there will be a terrible gap in information.

The issues are not search engine related.  Search engines are amazing.  They provide the public with an unbelievable service.  The inefficiency is created by website owners and the search engines inability to crawl and index old out-dated content.

Please be patient and we will attempt to explain our mission, which we consider to be a mission of social responsibility by providing as much news to the public as efficiently as possible, using the major search engines to provide access to that information without bias.  There is a significant amount of news available online, but is not shown in the major search engine search results for a multitude of reasons; (1) old outdated websites that the search engine cannot crawl to properly index the website preventing consumers from seeing the information in search results (2) many public websites are making their news available on a PDF, which cannot be indexed by the search engines (3) poor website management (4) lack of content being published due to lack of public funds (5) some public sources do not publish news on their websites due to lack of knowledge and more, but our mission is to fill these gaps as much as possible.

While STL.News is a website or blog, there are a significant amount of expenses necessary to create this incredible site.  Monthly expenses include:

  • Hosting – we are building our own network of high-speed, high-quality used Dell web servers to keep cost down.  Our up-time is great, but used servers is economical.  The servers are thoroughly  checked out to assure stability and then modernized with new hard-drives with extended warranties to extend the servers life.  We have created a small server network in a cluster, VPS environment to make data easy to transfer and backup for increased reliability and security.  Future plans with the network is to continue building using high-quality used servers and offer data-backup and web hosting services.
  • CDN – we utilize of the benefits of a world-class CDN (Content Delivery Network) for multiple reasons; reduce the process required for more than 400,000 page views daily, enhance security, enhanced web page load time to provide the best user experience, and to maximize security.  Did we mention “security”?  A high traffic, high ranking website like STL.News attracts attention worldwide making it a target by hackers.
  •  Bandwidth – currently we have a big bandwidth expense that is under contract with ATT.  While our bandwidth is more than sufficient now, we need a second provider to assure we remain online as a bandwidth backup with auto fail over.
  • Licensed Content – we publish licensed news content from the world’s leading news agency, Associated Press (AP).  This is expensive content.  We would like to have the funds to license their videos, which would help attract more traffic and keep site visitors on the site longer.
  • Publishers – we do not aggregate news stories.  Each article is added to a post by an individual to assure that we offer quality internal and external links, links to wikipedia, links to direct news source and to also assure best SEO practices for maximum visibility.  Currently, we employ 6 publishers from Pakistan that publish news 24/7/365.  They are incredibly dedicated and affordable.  However, we need more publishers to publish even more news that is even more relevant news than our world and nations news provided by the AP.  However, that takes money.

Future objectives:

  • Continue building the server network
  • Increase the services purchased from AP to include videos
  • Increase the number of publishers to increase the amount of content published each day
  • Increase the amount of news published daily from 200-300 now to more than 500 daily
  • Produce our own digital videos in order to build a significant YouTube news channel
  • Contract with another internet bandwidth provider to assure constant internet access with auto fail over between providers
  • Monetize the site to be self supporting through various means like press release distribution, business listings, web hosting and minimal ad space

Public sites like Wikipedia and Reddit have been funded by public donations for a significant period of time.  We hope you see the value of our mission and website.  If so, please give what you are comfortable with.  No donation is too small or too large.

Business Donations: please contact us and we will be happy to publish FREE press releases or provide FREE website hosting for qualifying donations, to help promote your business and express our sincere gratitude.