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Content Marketing

Content Marketing – Sponsored Articles can help improve consumers buying decisions with enhanced information

Content marketing creates, publishes and distributes information for a specific targeted audience online.  It helps businesses attract attention and generate leads, expand customer base, generate & increase online sales, increase brand awareness, and encourages engagement. Content marketing finds prospective customers and turns them into customers. It is a new form of marketing. It does not involve direct sales, but rather builds trust and rapport with the targeted audience. STL.News welcomes Content Marketing articles because we believe they help consumers improve their buying decisions. We offer multiple options for content marketing, including:

  • Single Article Sponsorship – cost to publish an article is $95.00
  • Package Article Sponsorship – ten (10) articles cost $807.50 saving your 15%
  • Open Publisher Access – monthly subscription – price negotiable based on amount and type of content.  Call Marty at 417-529-1133 for additional information or email him at Marty@STLMedia.Agency or visit our Contact page.

STL.News is highly optimized, content is shown in Google News, Bing News, Apple News,, and share to our social media accounts.

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