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Colorado Governor Polis Signs Bills Into Law

DENVER, CO (STL.NewsGovernor Jared Polis signed 11 bills administratively.

Governor Polis signed the following bills:

  • HB21-1013 Division Of Domestic Stock Insurer Sponsored by Representatives M. Snyder & K. Van Winkle and Senator C. Kolker
  • HB21-1055 Compensation For School District Board Members Sponsored by Representative S. Woodrow and Senators B. Pettersen & F. Winter
  • HB21-1167 Private Construction Contract Payments Sponsored by Representatives M. Duran & P. Will and Senators J. Gonzales & R. Scott
  • HB21-1188 Additional Liability Under Respondeat Superior Sponsored by Representative C. Kennedy and Senator J. Gonzales
  • HB21-1193 Consumer Protection Supplemental Restraint Systems Sponsored by Representative M. Gray and Senators K. Priola & C. Kolker
  • HB21-1207 Overpayment Of Workers’ Compensation Benefits Sponsored by Representatives L. Daugherty & A. Benavidez and Senators P. Lee & R. Fields
  • SB21-092 Sunset Surgical Assistants And Surgical Technologists Sponsored by Representatives I. Jodeh & M. Soper and Senators C. Kolker & C. Simpson
  • SB21-100 Sunset Continue Council Higher Education Representatives Sponsored by Representative J. McCluskie & Senator J. Buckner
  • SB21-104 Sunset Special Education Fiscal Advisory Committee Sponsored by Representatives C. Kipp & A. Boesenecker and Senator R. Zenzinger
  • SB21-143 Uniform Collaborative Law Act Sponsored by Senator B. Gardner and Representatives K. Tipper & M. Snyder
  • SB21-171 Uniform Fiduciary Income And Principal Act Sponsored by Representatives M. Snyder & M. Soper and Senator B. Gardner
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