Politics · June 8, 2021

Colorado Governor Polis Signs Bills Into Law

DENVER, CO (STL.News) Governor Jared Polis signed five bills today in signing ceremonies:

  • HB21-1221 Bullying Prevention And Education In Schools Sponsored by Representatives L. Cutter & M. Young & Senator D. Coram
  • HB21-1236 State Information Technology Sponsored by Representatives B. Titone & M. Baisley and Senators J. Bridges & K. Priola
  • HB21-1220 Colorado Child Support Commission Recommendations Sponsored by Representative M. Froelich and Senator R. Fields
  • HB21-1222 Regulation Of Family Child Care Homes Sponsored by Representatives A. Valdez & K. Van Winkle and Senators J. Smallwood & F. Winter

Governor Polis signed the following bills administratively:

  • HB21-1247 Colorado Department Of Public Health And Environment Contract Pay To Grantees Up Front Sponsored by Representatives D. Jackson & H. McKean and Senator J. Danielson
  • HB21-1100 Electronic Filing Of Documents With Governmental Entities Sponsored by Representatives M. Soper & S. Gonzales-Gutierrez and Senators J. Bridges & P. Lundeen
  • HB21-1237 Competitive Pharmacy Benefits Manager Marketplace Sponsored by Representative S. Lontine & J. Rich and Senators B. Kirkmeyer & D. Moreno
  • HB21-1245 On-track Equipment Railroad Crossings Sponsored by Representative T. Sullivan and Senators J. Ginal & D. Hisey
  • HB21-1016 Transfer Jurisdiction To Veteran’s Speciality Court Sponsored by Representatives D. Ortiz & M. Lynch and Senators L. Garcia & B. Gardner
  • HB21-1168 Historically Underutilized Businesses Local Government Procurement Sponsored by Representatives J. Bacon & N. Ricks and Senator C. Kolker
  • HB21-1259 Extended Learning Opportunities Sponsored by Representative J. Bacon and Senators R. Fields & J. Sonnenberg