CIA News: Balancing Transparency, Secrecy in a Digital Age

(STL.News) – On Friday, May 31st, CIA’s Privacy and Civil Liberties Officer, Benjamin Huebner, spoke to a packed crowd at the Brookings Institution in Washington, DC about the balance of transparency and secrecy in a digital age, especially within the Intelligence Community (IC).

Moderated by Brookings Institution Federal Executive Fellow (and former CIA Office of Public Affairs spokesperson) Ryan Trapani, the conversation spanned from discussions on the legal context of privacy and transparency to the intersection of public accountability and secrecy.  That balance, said Ben, “makes us better” as an intelligence agency.

Ben relayed a whole-of-Agency commitment to protecting Americans’ privacy and civil liberties.  “It is the role of every single officer to think of these issues,” said Ben.  “The moment you become a CIA officer is when you go to our memorial wall and you stand up in front of those 133 stars and swear a constitutional oath to protect and defend the constitution.”

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