Bureau of Land Management to conduct abandoned mine safeguarding near Golden, New Mexico

Project addresses safety hazards while preserving cultural resources and wildlife habitat

SANTA FE, NM (STL.News) – The Bureau of Land Management’s (BLM) Taos Field Office will be conducting an abandoned mine safety project near Golden, New Mexico, August 3-16, 2019.  The project is designed to safeguard approximately 20 hazardous abandoned mine openings throughout the 1200-acre New Placers Mining District.  This work includes shafts, adits, subsidence areas and other physical openings.

The project is being conducted to protect the public from the hazards associated with abandoned mine openings, while preserving cultural resources and wildlife habitat.  In order to complete the work, the BLM contractor will use a helicopter to fly pre-built structural barriers that restrict human access.  These include locking gates, cupolas, and other wildlife-compatible closures that will be placed over the mining features that are too difficult to reach with equipment on the ground.

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