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Best Web Design Saint Louis, Missouri

Best web design is a combination of quality content, quality maintenance and quality web hosting

There are many web designers.  There are professional companies and many freelancers that offer web design.  However, from our perspective, most do an insufficient job for their clients.  Some under-perform intentionally, to reduce the amount of time spent to properly design a website and some do it out of lack of knowledge without having any idea that they are hurting their customers rather then helping them.

Web design is not complicated, but the truth is that most do not properly understand how to create a “search engine friendly” website.  Almost every business that creates a website is doing so to increase business or inform customers or shareholders about their business activities.

Some of the most common mistakes among web design are:

  • Excessive amount of graphics
  • Lack of relevant content
  • Fail to submit or properly submit website URL to the major search engines
  • Most that submit website URL to search engines fail to submit the XML sitemap
  • Failure to produce links to website URL

Most website owners want to build a website and launch it, thinking that the task is over when in fact, the project has just begun.  Once a website is created, launched and properly submitted to the major search engines like Google and bing, routine maintenance needs to be done and additional content through the use of the blog feature should be added to keep the search engine bots returning to the site to re-crawl the site.

Another important task to own a successful website is good website hosting.  No successful website is hosted on a shared web server.  All high ranking websites are hosted on either a VPS or dedicated server and properly managed by a hosting expert.  Hosting is a critical factor for web design and web hosting.

Important facts to consider when hiring a web designer:

  • Ask questions; a lot of questions
  • Ask their recommendation for web hosting
  • What are their professional training and accomplishments
  • Are they graphics based designers
  • Do they help write content
  • What is their opinion of content
  • What routine maintenance do their offer
  • Ask their opinion of SEO
  • Do they offer the SEO services or out-source them
  • Do they use webmaster tools

These are a few questions that you should know the answer to in order to know if the web designer you interview is qualified for the task.  A properly designed website will make a difference to any business.  To be found in Google local search results you have to verify your business address on Google Maps.  This will enhance your local traffic being found in search and maps.

Website builders are typically not good for search engines.  Having said that, they have improved them over recent years.  The content management system (CMS) that is most flexible and best for rankings is WordPress.  It has quickly grown into being the industry standard.

All website need a sitemap that can be indexed at the search engines.  A sitemap tells the search engines about all of your pages so they properly crawl and index all web pages and show them in search results, providing the offer relevant content that is properly structured.

Blogs are effective marketing tools to many businesses

If you use WordPress as the content management system (CMS), you can easily integrate blog pages/posts on your website.  Blogs are a great way to communicate specials, employee changes and promotions, product announcements, press releases, new projects and much more.  It can and should be the epicenter of your company/corporate communications.

Blog post need to be informational adding something of value to the website and company.  Additionally, they should be written with sufficient content for the search engines to crawl and index the post.  Typically, it is recommended that a post should be 250-300 words minimum with sub titles and use a SEO plugin to monitor changes that need to be made to assure your post rank well in the search engines.  Linking back to your own website is critically helpful because internal links are some of the most valuable  links.  We use and recommend Yoast SEO.

Videos and graphics will slow down you website load time.  The search engines will pass on showing your website in search results if it loads slow.  Search engines objective is to create a positive user experience by showing the websites in search results that offer the content that the web user is seeking.  One of those factors is a fast load time.  Websites with a slow load time have a significantly higher bounce rate.  In other words, visitors do not stay on slow sites as much as they stay on fast websites.  We have already state the importance of quality web hosting, but we cannot stress enough how important web hosting is.

To review important points of best web design:

  • Quality and fast website hosting
  • SEO plugin with an XML sitemap
  • Unique, high quality content that is sufficient for search engines to index
  • Links are necessary, internal links as well as outbound links
  • Properly indexing the website and website XML sitemap

For the best web design; make sure you hire a web designer that is qualified with references of successful websites.  The owner of STL.News is STL.News, LLC, and the site is managed by WebTech Group.  WebTech is a web host, design and SEO firm that offers search engine friendly websites.