Benefits of Press Releases


It all started with Ivy Lee in 1960 when Pennsylvania Railroad was a client of his.  They had a train wreck and he encouraged the company to collaborate the first press release to journalists to avoid “incorrect versions” of the story.  He used a press release in addition to inviting journalist and photographers to the scene of the accident as a means to fostering open communications with the media.

  1. Every business can benefit from press release distribution.  It doesn’t matter what industry or profession you are in.  However, you can’t get the publicity without telling your story.
  2. Press release distribution is a cost effective marketing strategy, especially compared to print advertising.
  3. You will boost your online and offline visibility.  It is the best way to get the attention of journalists.
  4. Press releases will establish you as a leading industry expert.  Being an expert will bring you new customers.
  5. Good news spreads like wildfire.
  6. Use news to get more customers.  More than 80 million consumers get their news online.
  7. Investors keep up with news as well.  Good news is a great strategy to get the attention of investors.  It will help keep your existing investors happy and help find new ones.

What does it cost to publish and distribute a Press Release using STL.News and where does it go?

The cost to publish and distribute a Press Release is $99.95.

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If you want to proceed with publishing and distributing a visit our Submit Press Release page.  Draft the Press Release and click Publish and you will be prompted to pay using Paypal.  That’s it!  It will automatically be posted on this website and shown on the Home Page, indexed with the major search engines and shared with our massive social media network.