• Fri. Apr 16th, 2021

Barcelona, Spain: Protests against jailed rapper Pablo Hasel

Barcelona, Spain: Protests against jailed rapper Pablo Hasel

(STL.News) Supporters of jailed Spanish rapper Pablo Hasél threw bottles, stones, and garbage containers at police on Sunday during the sixth-straight day of clashes in Barcelona.

About 1,000 demonstrators gathered in the city, local police said.

Hasél was arrested Tuesday after being handed a nine-month prison sentence in 2018 for insulting the monarchy and glorifyin?g terrorism in a song about former King Juan Carlos I.

The imprisonment of Hasél, known for his fiercely anti-establishment lyrics, has sparked a debate over freedom of speech in Spain, prompting the government to announce it would make speech laws less restrictive.

YouTube video provided courtesy of Global News


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