Allegations of America’s Slow Response to Coronavirus (COVID-19)

(STL.News) As always, there is a lot of false self-serving incorrect news being released over America’s response to COVID-19.  Politicians across the country are blaming the federal government, and in some cases, the president, for not responding fast enough and/or poor planning.  Keep in mind that one politicians allegations may be an attempt to hide their own lack of leadership.

During this event, true leaders will surface.  Bad politicians will surface as they spend their time talking and making allegations rather than assisting in offering solutions.

The video offered herein does not accurate reflect a slow and poor response.  It appears that a significant amount of planning is happening and true leadership is apparent everywhere.  As elections approach, we should consider the leaders and their actions during this time of crisis and change the leaders in powerful positions.  Just because a politician was smart enough or manipulative enough to be elected, does not mean that they are smart enough to offer true leadership in time of crisis, such as we are experiencing now.

As citizens, the best thing we can do right now is to cooperate and “stay home.”  The best thing our leaders can do is set politics aside and work together to claim victory as Americans, rather than winning a damn election.  There are some leaders that seriously need to be taken out of their positions to best protect America.

The biggest question is; who do we want to lead us out of this economic disaster after the virus is conquered?  Leadership is being illustrated by many while others are continuing their politics rather than leadership.  America, watch, learn and act come election time.  Flush those that do not do their job in a time of crisis because they are too busy being politicians.

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Ask yourself this question; what is the meaning of leadership?  It is defined as “the action of leading a group of people or an organization.”  Do not listen to media.  Watch actions and leadership.  It is not hard to see.  Allegations, criticisms and talking, rather than actions are obvious.  Learn to think for yourself.  With the internet there is plenty of information to help you form your “own” opinion.  There is a lot of information provided by our government offices and agencies that are unbiased and created to informational, rather than political.  We offer the YouTube video channels from many of them and continue to expand our feeds.   We also offer local news on a state-by-state basis.

Regardless of your political views, we American’s need to come together, and protect each other by staying home.  As citizens, we need to support and protect our leaders.  Do you really want our leaders to fail right now?